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Friday, September 14, 2012

Chapter Seven

Luis frowned, walking towards the blonde in the Porsche. What is it about people and simple traffic laws?, he wondered.
“Excuse me, miss. Do you know that you are parking at a No Parking zone?”
Sharon sighed angrily. What was it about the cops and her? she wondered. She turned around to look at the stupid cop and was momentarily taken about. He was extremely good looking, a hunk, she thought. A pity he was the cop who was bothering her this beautiful Monday morning.
“Oh, I know.” She began haughtily, taking off her Gucci sunglasses “but you see I can park any damn place I want to.”
“No, you can’t, Lady.” Luis said, firmly, thinking that she looked like some spoiled rich girl and wondering why she looked so familiar, “I’ll ask you to park your car in the appropriate place-”
“Or what? You would arrest me?”
“My name isn’t Lady, my name is Sharon Charlwood.”
Luis became cold with anger. So this silly missy is a Charlwood. Oh, she thought she was above the law. He would show her that not everyone loved loving the Charlwoods.
“Lady, I don’t give a damn who or what you are.” Luis said, slowly and coldly, “You are in Peaceville, hence you follow Peaceville’s rules and regulations, OK?”
“How dare you talk to me like that!”
“Park your car properly, Lady.”
“I am not Lady!” Sharon screamed, becoming really mad with anger.
Luis looked at her up and down insolently, privately wondering how the woman could look so beautiful when she was mad. “Oh, you’re right. You are definitely no Lady.”
How dare he look at her like that! How dare he talk to her like that! No one has ever spoken to her like that. He even became colder when she mentioned her name instead of being warmer. The other cops would have patronized her warmly, pleadingly in fact. Not this arrogant one. She doubts if he could ever beg. Oh, he has even given her a nickname. Lady.
Luis looked at the spoiled little Richie Rich. It’s a pity she’s a Charlwood and boy, was he glad they hadn’t started talking in friendly terms. He knew he would have wanted to see her again and he knew he was charming, she would have fallen. But no way would he want to have anything to do with a Charlwood no matter how attractive she was!
“I’m waiting, Lady.”
They both stared each other down, until Sharon, fighting the urge to scream in anger, entered her Porsche and drove away. Luis made sure she parked appropriately and when she turned to give him a furious look, he nodded his head and walked away, whistling.
No one was above the law, not even the beautiful Charlwood heiress.

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