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Friday, October 5, 2012

Chapter Nine

“Good job, Miguel.”
“So proud of you, men.”
“Great job, dude!”
“Hey, thanks.” Miguel replied all of his teammates, smiling. He felt so happy. He, Miguel Sanchez, following the family tradition. If you call winning the Hunk of the Year a family tradition. He opened his locker. He had just 3 minutes left to go. He had Biology next.
Biology. He hated Biology. But he wanted to be a doctor, a surgeon. In less than ten years, he would be one. All things will be good again.  His mum would be so proud of him and she would never have to work for those blasted Charlwood family again.
Anyone seeing Diana would think she was reading something really interesting. But she wasn’t. She was looking at the love of her life (at this time). Miguel Sanchez, Peaceville High’s best football player, now Peaceville’s Hunk of the Year. She had always had her eyes on Miguel since they were both thirteen years old. But Miguel always treated her like a sister. As if that was what she wanted to be.
“Hey, Di!”
“Wanda, you startled me!”
Wanda Parker, beautiful black American and Diana’s best friend, whispered mischievously, “You were sooo busy looking at the Hunk of the Year. I bet you wish you were his gift.”
“I really really like him, Wanda.”
“And he would like you…. Some day.”
The bell rang and Miguel hurriedly locked his locker. Unknown to him, two girls were watching him, one of them wishing she could tell him how she really felt about him.
Sharon looked angrily at her brother, “I want an active position in Charlwood Corp.”
Ben Charlwood looked at his little sister with annoyance, “Why don’t you go ask father? He’s the one who can do that.”
“You know you can too, Ben. I’m tired of just waking up in the morning and spending Charlwood’s money-”
“Which is the dream of every woman.”
“Well, I am not every woman, Ben. I want an active position in Charlwood Corp. It’s my birthright.”
“We both know how father feels about that, Sharon.” Ben said, sitting down and sipping his glass of gin, “Father doesn’t believe in a mere woman having anything to do in the executive positions of Charlwood Corp.”
“That is called Sexual Discrimination.”
“That is called Human Right, Sharon. Father has a right to decide who or what to employ in Charlwood Corp. He built Charlwood, darling, not you.”
“I hate you, both.”
“So emotional, just like a woman.” Ben replied and picking up his phone, motioned her out.
Sharon walked out of the office, angrily. She was sick and tired of being treated like a doormat by her father and brother. Being a woman doesn’t mean that she wasn’t capable of handling an executive position in Charlwood.
Her phone rang and after looking at the caller ID, she answered, “Hi, Kathleen…….Sure I’m free for lunch……Grace’s?........Cool, I’ll meet you there.”

Monday, October 1, 2012

Chapter Eight

“Hello, mum.”
“Justin, my love!”
Rose ran to hug Justin, who carried and swirled her around. By the time he put her down, she was laughing breathlessly.
“Justin, I have missed you sooo much.”
“I have missed you too, mum.” Justin replied, smiling and looked at her properly. “Wow! Mum, you look younger than I remember.”
“Healthy living, my darling. Let’s go inside. I still haven’t forgiven you for not seeing me first.”
“My sweet mum.”
“Stop flattering me, it isn’t working.” Rose said, pretending annoyance with her eyes twinkling with joy at seeing her baby.
“My darling Justin.”
Justin hugged and swirled her around too, with Soledad laughingly telling him to put her down. He put her down then put his arms around the two women. “Blessed am I amongst women.”
“Naughty boy! You haven’t changed, have you?”
“I’m so happy you are back. Your room has been prepared for you.”
Justin looked at his mum as he stopped sipping his tea, “My room?”
“Of course, sweetheart. Don’t tell me you want to stay with Richard now.”
“I’m not going to stay with dad.”
“I’m going to get my own apartment.”
Rose looked at her son horrified. “Sweetheart, there are twenty rooms in this mansion. Surely you want to be close by me, don’t you?”
“Of course I will be close by you, mum. I will be in Peaceville. But in my own apartment.”
“I don’t like that.”
“Mum, I love you. But I’m not a little child anymore. I’m twenty four years old and I want to start my life with my career and eventually a family. I cannot be living under your husband’s roof forever, mum. I want to be my own man, living in my own place.”
Rose sat closer to her son and placed her hands on his arm. “Justin, I want you to be your own man. I want the best for you. You are my son and the love for my life. I just felt that now that you are back in Peaceville, you’ll be here with me and I wouldn’t be lonely anymore. That you would start your life here and even get married and have your kids here.”
“I’m sorry, mum. I have already made up my mind. I love you, mum. Never doubt that.”
Justin kissed her on her cheek and she smiled, “Fine. I accept your decision. And speaking about getting married, guess who is in the mansion right now.”
Kathleen walked in, smiling at Justin, “Hi.”
Justin stood up, “Oh, Hi Kat. It’s been a while.”
“Five years to be precise.” Kathleen replied, “Heard you are an attorney now.”
“Heard you are a CPA. You were always good in numbers.”
“So, you remember.”
“I rarely forget things.”
“Oh, this is perfect.” Rose said, smiling dreamingly, “I am ready to start preparing for a wedding.”
“Slow down, mum. I and Kathleen are not getting married.”
Kathleen laughed, “Oh Justin. It’s really good to see you. When are you moving back here? We would have some fun.”
“Justin said he would look for an apartment instead.” Rose told her ruefully.
“Well, I’ll be glad going apartment hunting with you.”
“Thanks. I really have to leave now, mother. Have a meeting with a potential client.”
“Already? I am proud for you.” Rose said, standing up also and hugging her son.
“So, am I.” Kathleen said, “See you around, Justin.”
“Sure.” He replied and left the house.
Rose looked at Kathleen, “I don’t think you would have any problem getting Justin to settle down with you.”
“Of course, Rose. I allowed Justin to slip through my fingers before. I wouldn’t let go this time.” Kathleen said, smiling in anticipated triumph.