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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chapter Three

He walked toward two kids holding a carton of beers. “You’re not old enough to drink.” he said, sternly.
The two kids looked ready to argue, but upon seeing his face, reluctantly gave him the cartons and scurried away.
Luis Sanchez’s eyes followed the kids until they were lost in the crowd. The carnival was gathering a large crowd. Locals as well as tourists were walking about excitedly, shouting aloud, kissing and hugging. They were there for fun. He was there for work. It was his job to maintain law and order during the carnival.
Luis smiled sardonically. Law and Order. It was his dream to study Law in Stanford or Harvard, but he soon realized that it was only going to be a dream. His father had died when he was 11 years old, leaving his mother with three children to fend for. He had to take care of his younger ones. Gabriella had been three and Miguel just ten months, hence they couldn’t care for themselves.
At first, he had continued to believe in his dream. He was always a straight A’s student, had been captain of his high school football team, won The Hunk Of The Year Award at age 16 and had even gotten a scholarship to Stanford. Then it happened.
He still felt fury build up in him whenever he remembered what happened. He had to let go of his dreams and with Richard’s help, he became a cop. He chose now to protect others from being hurt by the rich and powerful.
He hated the Charlwoods with his whole heart.
It infuriated him that his mother worked for them just as his father had before he died. He knew his mother stayed because of Rose Charlwood. She was a good boss, the only different one and he knew that she had wanted to finance his education, just like Richard had wanted to. But he rejected the offer. He didn’t want anything attached to the Charlwoods and he was too proud to let Richard sponsor his education, especially since Richard had kids.
He respected Richard Bennett. He was his mentor, his ‘adopted’ elder brother and friend. Richard was the reason he chose to be a cop instead of a social worker and he has never regretted his decision.
“Hello, Handsome. Please, arrest me.”
He smiled at the tall dark haired lady, “Hi Beth” and kissed her.
Beth Jonas’ blue eyes twinkled delightedly, “I can’t believe you’re working tonight.”
“I am, darling. I’ll make it up to you tomorrow.”
“You had better.” She replied and after giving him a final kiss, she walked away.
Luis looked around and saw Richard chatting animatedly with someone. After a closer look, he realized that it was Justin, Richard’s son. He then noticed a blonde walking towards them, her eyes on Justin. Luis felt a strange kind of curiosity, which surprised him but some troublemakers caught his eye and he had to look away and concentrate on his work

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chapter Two

Rose Charlwood frowned indignantly. “I can’t believe Justin didn’t want my influence.”
“Other mothers would be proud of him.” Soledad Sanchez told her, shaking her head. She knew that wasn’t what was bothering Rose. Rose was as proud as a peacock over Justin. He had turned out far better than what her father had predicted would become of ‘Rose’s son for that peasant’. Former Governor Crane had been furious when his daughter had become pregnant for lowly Richard Bennett and she had told him she had no intention of aborting or giving up her baby.
Rose was mad that Justin didn’t come to see her first. Rose was mad that Justin had chosen to go to his father’s house instead of hers. Rose was mad that Grace was going to see her son before her, was going to hug her son before her.
“You know Justin adores you but he doesn’t get along with Ben.”
“He gets along with Grace.” Rose retorted.
“And that is good, Rose.” Soledad said soothingly, “Grace being friends with him allows him to get along with his sisters and his father.”
“Justin changed his name to Bennett.”
“You can’t expect him to continue bearing the name of his grandfather who dislikes him.” Soledad replied, privately feeling that ‘dislike’ was too mild a word to use to refer to how Rose’s father felt about Justin.
“I know Soledad, I’m just been unreasonable.” Rose said after taking a deep breath, “I’m just angry that Grace gets Justin just like she got Richard.”
“Stop talking like that. The last thing you want is for Ben to hear you.”
“Who cares? Besides, he must be with his mistress right now.”
The door bell rang. “Excuse me.”, Soledad said and left Rose in the private drawing room. She walked into the grand sitting room and got to the door. On opening it, she saw the face she disliked and schooled her facial features to a neutral expression.
“Good Afternoon, Mrs. Hotchkiss, Miss Hotchkiss. Mrs. Charlwood is in the drawing room. Please follow me.”
Rebecca and Kathleen Hotchkiss walked in haughtily, not saying a word to Soledad. Rebecca Hotchkiss was Rose’s upper-class friend and classmate who also married late Banking mogul, Ben Hotchkiss. She was medium in height with a robust figure, red gold hair accomplished by the best hair stylist in the area, with cold blue eyes. Her daughter, Kathleen was model slim and tall with cornflower blond hair cut shoulder length and blue eyes.
Rebecca tried to look extremely pleased to see Rose but the truth was she was terribly jealous of Rose. She pretends to be a good friend but Soledad and Rose privately knew that from the day Rose Crane became Rose Charlwood, Rebecca had made Rose her sworn enemy. The fact that Rose was richer than Rebecca could ever hope to be was privately driving her mad. Rebecca would have really loved to be Mrs. Charlwood but Alistair Charlwood, the patriarch of the family wanted an alliance with the then-Governor Crane and didn’t mind that Rose had a son out of wedlock. That in particular had infuriated her because it was Rebecca who had told Rose’s father that his daughter was pregnant. Rose had told her confidentially and had even announced that she was running away with Richard to marry him. Rebecca had never supported her friend’s relationship with ‘that peasant boy’; truth be told, she was half jealous of Rose’s getting such a hot guy’s attention. If she were honest to herself, she had wanted his attention too and was really annoyed that he had taken an interest in Rose.
Rebecca wished now that she hadn’t done that. Governor Hotchkiss was so furious that he made sure Rose never saw Richard again and would have gotten his way in having the pregnancy terminated had Rose not vowed to tell the story to the press. Not up to a year later, when Justin was but four months old had Rose been coerced to marry Ben Charlwood. Rebecca was angry because she had wanted Ben for herself, having kissed him in the Governor’s gardens on the day of the announcement of their engagement. Unknown to Rose, Rebecca had been trying to seduce Ben for two years now.
She forced a beautiful smile and hugged Rose, “It’s been so long, Rose.”
“You too, Rebecca. You’re looking good.”
“Hello, Rose.”
“Kathleen, my dear. It’s been so long.” Rose hugged her and looked at her up and down. “My God, you have grown to be such a beauty.”
“Thank you, Rose. You’re as gorgeous as ever.” Kathleen replied.
Soledad came into the room with some refreshment as the three ladies sat down.
“How’s Ben?”
“Somewhere, I don’t care.” Rose answered Rebecca.
Rebecca laughed. “His mistress?”
“I suppose so. I can’t believe Annette would stab me on the back like that.”
“Oh, come on, Rose. You banished the poor man from your bedroom for ten years and you expect him to be celibate?”
“Of course I don’t expect him to be celibate. He has been cheating long before I banished him, even from the beginning of our marriage. I just didn’t expect my Personal Assistant to be one of his playthings. I can’t believe I actually offered her a room in this house.” Rose sipped her tea and continued, “I’ll never forget the day I actually caught them in the bedroom.”
Rebecca hid a grin. The scene had been so appalling she wished she was there. Hell, she wished Rose would tell her to move permanently to the house. The Charlwood mansion was so magnificent and beautiful she would actually feel like a queen in a castle.
“Enough about my ‘fascinating’ home life. Kathleen, I can’t believe how much you’ve grown.”
“Yeah, she’s a CPA now.” Rebecca said with pride.
“Justin is an attorney now. In fact, he actually got a job with Winthrop, Winthrop and Winthrop.” Rose couldn’t resist retorting that way.
“Please, his mother is Rose Charlwood.” Rebecca said, as if his achievement meant nothing.
“He actually got it without my interference.” Rose said, realizing how proud she was of that fact, “You know Justin has been a bit touchy about my influence.”
“That’s true.” Rebecca said, privately thinking that Justin was a fool and that she knew just what to do with the Charlwood influence.
“I’ll really love to see Justin again.” Kathleen said.
Rose smiled, remembering that Kathleen and Justin had attended the Richarde boarding school and had even dated for a while.
“It would really be nice if you can rekindle that old romance.” Rose teased and then sobered up immediately, “That is, if there’s no other-”
“Justin has always been the love of my life.”
“Great! I’m totally in support of any romance between you too. Think of it, Rebecca. We’ll be in-laws!”
Rebecca laughed, “I agree. Justin is definitely a hunk like his father.”
Rose laughed but inside she felt a lot of pain. Justin was definitely like his father.
The only man she had ever loved.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Chapter One

It was a bright sunny morning in Peaceville. The leaves on the trees were turning yellow, showing that summer was ending. Everyone was in a happy mood. It was one of those days when it seemed like the birds were singing because they felt delighted.
The carnival was on. Everyone was getting ready to be in their best. Everywhere was filled with the brightest colors. Girls were giggling, boys were being boys. Many were preparing to be dressed in different costumes. Hawaiian, Spanish and Indian costumes were going to be prominent.
Justin Bennett looked on smiling from the taxi. It felt so good to be back in Peaceville. To have a job waiting for him was an added bonus. He was the best in his class in Harvard and a job at Winthrop, Winthrop and Winthrop Law Firm was something he had definitely earned on his own, not by virtue of the fact that his mother was Rose Charlwood, the wife of the heir to the Charlwood Empire.
His dad was the first person he told the news. Richard Bennett was really pleased and reserved: pleased that his son got something without the Charlwood influence and reserved because his son is an attorney. He is the Chief of Police in Peaceville and it’s well known that there’s no love lost between the police and attorneys.
The taxi stopped in front of a beautiful house with a well-taken care of lawn. Justin came out of the taxi, sighed deeply and started smiling at the house.
“Gone a long time?” the taxi driver asked, smiling.
“Yeah.”, He replied and paid him his fare.
He walked towards the house and on getting to the door, pressed the doorbell. He heard the sound of running footsteps and smiled, knowing who was running like that.
The door was opened by a brown haired pretty girl who jumped on Justin.
“He’s BACK!!!!”
Justin laughed and carrying her, turned her around.
“It’s sooo good to see you again, Dora.”
“I missed you big!”
“God, I missed you too!”
“Let go of my brother, you idiot”, said another voice.
Justin smiled. Diana would never change, always fighting with her younger sister. “Come here, pretty.” He said and also hugged her.
Diana Bennett was taller and slimmer than Dora with longer brown hair. Both his sisters looked like their mum, who had also come outside waiting for her hug. Grace Bennett was a petite brunette with a heart of gold.
“It’s so good to see you, Grace.” He said, hugging her tightly.
“Oh, Justin. Welcome home.”
They all got into the beautiful sitting room, decorated by the homely Grace herself. Justin sniffed the air.
“Something good smells.”
“My famous apple pie.”
“I missed your apple pie.” He told Grace who laughed fondly.
“Oh Justin, it’s really good you’re back today. The carnival this year is going to be great!” Dora said, excitedly.
“Yeah, Peaceville’s famous Carnival!” Justin said, remembering the last carnival he was around for. The carnival consisted of dances from various groups and most especially, The Hunk of the Year and The Most Beautiful Girl of Peaceville Awards. He was sixteen then, just back on holiday from the Swiss boarding school his mother had sent him to. He recalled clearly that a Latino guy, 18 year old Luis Sanchez had won The Hunk of the Year Award. The reason he remembered Luis so well was because his father was really fond of the fatherless boy and was in fact like a second father to him. He recalled that at that time, he really felt jealous of Luis Sanchez.
“I recall the last festival I went to, Luis Sanchez won…..”
“God, that was like soooo long ago.” Dora said, “in fact, Luis is now a cop.”
“Really. That’s good.” Justin said, realizing that Luis had gone for something his father would have wanted him to do. Richard would have been so happy had Justin chosen to be a cop.
“His sister, Gabriella was The Most Beautiful Girl of Harmony last two years...”
“And his younger brother is going to be The Hunk of the Year.” Diana said, rather breathlessly.
“You would know that.” Dora said, mischievously.
“Shut up, dweeb!” Diana retorted.
“No insulting, Diana.” Grace said, wearily.
“I didn’t know Luis had a sister.” Justin said.
“Gabriella is the nicest prettiest girl I know.” Dora said.
“I’m pretty.” Diana said.
“You’re not nice.” Dora retorted.
“I missed you girls.” Justin said, hugging them close, thus putting an end to their argument.
“You really are in Peaceville for good?” Grace asked. Dora and Diana looked up at Justin hopefully.
“Yes, I am.” Justin said to the happy faces, “I’m going to work here, play here, fall in love here, get married here, have my kids here, the whole deal- here.”
“That’s a lot of things you’re going to do here.” Richard said, entering the house.
Justin and Richard hugged each other tightly. Richard looked at Justin from top to bottom. “You’re looking good, Justin Bennett.”
“You’re not looking bad yourself, Chief Bennett.” Justin said and Richard laughed.
“Yeah, he’s such a hunk he should go for The Hunk Award.” Grace said, kissing her husband.
“Something does smell good.” Richard said.
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