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Friday, September 14, 2012

Chapter Seven

Luis frowned, walking towards the blonde in the Porsche. What is it about people and simple traffic laws?, he wondered.
“Excuse me, miss. Do you know that you are parking at a No Parking zone?”
Sharon sighed angrily. What was it about the cops and her? she wondered. She turned around to look at the stupid cop and was momentarily taken about. He was extremely good looking, a hunk, she thought. A pity he was the cop who was bothering her this beautiful Monday morning.
“Oh, I know.” She began haughtily, taking off her Gucci sunglasses “but you see I can park any damn place I want to.”
“No, you can’t, Lady.” Luis said, firmly, thinking that she looked like some spoiled rich girl and wondering why she looked so familiar, “I’ll ask you to park your car in the appropriate place-”
“Or what? You would arrest me?”
“My name isn’t Lady, my name is Sharon Charlwood.”
Luis became cold with anger. So this silly missy is a Charlwood. Oh, she thought she was above the law. He would show her that not everyone loved loving the Charlwoods.
“Lady, I don’t give a damn who or what you are.” Luis said, slowly and coldly, “You are in Peaceville, hence you follow Peaceville’s rules and regulations, OK?”
“How dare you talk to me like that!”
“Park your car properly, Lady.”
“I am not Lady!” Sharon screamed, becoming really mad with anger.
Luis looked at her up and down insolently, privately wondering how the woman could look so beautiful when she was mad. “Oh, you’re right. You are definitely no Lady.”
How dare he look at her like that! How dare he talk to her like that! No one has ever spoken to her like that. He even became colder when she mentioned her name instead of being warmer. The other cops would have patronized her warmly, pleadingly in fact. Not this arrogant one. She doubts if he could ever beg. Oh, he has even given her a nickname. Lady.
Luis looked at the spoiled little Richie Rich. It’s a pity she’s a Charlwood and boy, was he glad they hadn’t started talking in friendly terms. He knew he would have wanted to see her again and he knew he was charming, she would have fallen. But no way would he want to have anything to do with a Charlwood no matter how attractive she was!
“I’m waiting, Lady.”
They both stared each other down, until Sharon, fighting the urge to scream in anger, entered her Porsche and drove away. Luis made sure she parked appropriately and when she turned to give him a furious look, he nodded his head and walked away, whistling.
No one was above the law, not even the beautiful Charlwood heiress.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Chapter Six

Gabriella and Whitney entered the room
“OK, spill. You’ve been quiet since you came back.” Whitney said.
“Come on, Gabriella. What are you thinking?”
“Nothing really. Just some guy I saw at the carnival.”
“Now that’s weird.” Whitney said, sitting on the bed, “You’ve never noticed a guy before.”
“I know.” Gabriella said, sitting besides Whitney and started dreamily, “I accidentally spilled Pepsi on him. He has the bluest eyes I have ever seen. He’s so handsome.”
“A guy more handsome than Luis?” Whitney asked incredulously.
“Come on.” Gabriella said, laughing, “Few guys are. But this one, I don’t know, he has like the most beautiful smile.”
“So, what is Mr. Bluest Eyes’ name?”
“I don’t know. He’s probably a tourist and I’ll never see him again.” Gabriella said, sadly.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Chapter Five

“The Hunk of the Year goes to………….” The announcer looked at everyone excitedly, feeling the tension and excitement in the air and loving it, “Miguel Sanchez!!!”
The crowd cheered, the vast majority agreeing with the results. Miguel Sanchez, with the Sanchez jet black hair, black eyes and the impossibly handsome looks that Mexicans are born with, gave the crowd that divine smile that was half shy, half excited. He was like a younger version of Luis.  Girls screamed, boys whistled and the older ones shouted delightedly. He saw his sister leading the chant “GO SANCHEZ! MIGUEL IS THE HUNK!!!” and laughed as even adults joined in. Gabriella had told him that if he didn’t win, she’ll know that he wasn’t her brother.
In the crowd, Diana looked at Miguel, thinking that there couldn’t be any guy more handsome in the world. She had always been secretly in love with Miguel since they first had their English classes together. But she was too shy to do anything about it other than to make Miguel her friend. Consequently, Miguel did become her friend and to her annoyance, got along more with Dora. To her chagrin, it was Miguel’s geek of a friend, Jared that was showing a kind of interest in her.
“Can’t you see? He’s definitely a Sanchez.”
“Oh Gabriella, you are such a drama queen.” Whitney Russell said, shaking her head fondly at Gabriella.
“No, I’m not. I would have seriously disowned him if he didn’t win.” Gabriella had to shout to be heard by Whitney in the crowd and she continued the chant she had started and then paused, “Ok, now I’m seriously thirsty. I’ll be right back.”
“Diana did predict that he would win. Gosh, he looks like his brother.”
“You know the guy?” Sharon asked, loudly. The crowd sure was noisy.
“I know of the guy.” Justin said, “The last carnival I came to, his brother won.”
“Heard the sister won ‘The Beautiful’ two years ago.”
“Oh I know them! They are Soledad’s kids! The girl is really beautiful and nice.”
“Dora said she’s the prettiest and nicest girl.” Justin tried to remember the girl’s name but failed.
“You’ve not seen her?”
“No. I-”
“Look out!”
But it was too late. His hand had collided with a can of Pepsi and the contents spilled on his jacket. Annoyed, he looked down at the person who had ruined his jacket and was momentarily stunned.
She is beautiful, was his first thought. She is a kid, was his second and that brought him back to the present.
She was also frightened. “I’m soooo sorry.”
“It’s ok. Just watch where you’re going next time.”
She gave him a beautiful smile, half shy and half mischievous, “I will. Enjoy the carnival.”
She pushed through the crowd and once turned back, looked at him and smiled again. He couldn’t resist smiling back.
“That’s interesting.” Sharon teased.
Justin frowned, “Come off it, Sharon. She’s just a kid.”
“You don’t realize it, do you?”
“Realize what?” Justin said exasperated.
“That’s Gabriella.”
“The nicest prettiest girl according to Dora.”
“That’s Soledad’s daughter?” he looked out for her but didn’t see her, “Dora wasn’t exaggerating, she is beautiful…but a child.”
“She’ll be at least eighteen.”
“Still a baby, Sharon. I want a grown up woman who knows what she wants.” Justin said, dismissing the prettiest girl he has ever seen from his mind.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Chapter Four

“Look at the attorney!”
“Sharon!” Justin cried out, hugging, carrying and turning her around as she laughingly protested that he put her down. “God, I missed you.”
“You too, Cute Guy.” She turned to Richard, “Good evening, Richard.”
“Hello, Sharon. Why don’t you guys catch up while I go do my thing?” Richard said, walking away smiling.
“I didn’t expect to meet you here. I thought you were still in Paris.”
“I just came back.”
Justin looked at Sharon, grinning. Sharon Charlwood was his step-aunt, the only Charlwood he loved. He and Sharon had grown up together in the Charlwood mansion, Sharon being one year older than him. She was someone he could tell all his deepest secrets and expect to give him an honest and blunt response. It was Sharon who had advised him to get a Harvard scholarship and to get his job without the Charlwood influence. He knew that Alistair wouldn’t have minded funding his schooling but he took Sharon’s advice and he was glad he did. Even his father was proud of him for doing that.
“How’s that boyfriend of yours?” Justin teased.
Sharon paled slightly then cheerfully diverted the subject, “Guess who I saw?”
“George Clooney?”
“You idiot.” Sharon said, laughing. To Justin, George Clooney was the world’s sexiest man. “Remember Kathleen?”
Of course, he remembered. Kathleen Hotchkiss, his first ever girlfriend. “How is she? You guys are still friends, right?”
“Yeah. She’s a CPA now, following daddy’s footstep in the financial world.”