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Monday, December 24, 2012

Chapter Ten

Gabrielle smiled, looking at the fabulous chocolate chip cookies she had just removed from the oven. She enjoyed her part time job at Grace’s Corner, a diner just in the heart of Peaceville. Perhaps it was because of the atmosphere, the cafĂ© was spacious and inviting and filled with the delightful aromas. Perhaps it was because today was an especially beautiful day. Perhaps it was because she was really enjoying Peaceville College. She was simply happy. Life was good and promising to be better.
Grace’s Corner has always had regular customers, and more during tourists’ months. But when Gabrielle joined the team, more persons came in. All loved Gabrielle’s cooking and baking and some even suggesting that she increase her culinary abilities, go to a cooking school in France, perhaps opening her own diner. But that was not her dream. Her real passion was fashion designing; unknown to most, she designs her own clothes. She was taking courses in Fashion Designing and Business to help her with her future ambitions. There was a time she had another passion, another burning ambition but it was cruelly taken from her.
She shook her head. Let the past go, Gabrielle Sanchez, she told herself.
Just then the door opened and an elegant blonde entered. Gabrielle smiled automatically as she appreciated elegant dressing. The blonde went to sit at one of the tables by the window and removed her Gucci sunglasses. Gabrielle went to attend to her as the afternoon rush was over and she had little free time.
“Good Afternoon. Welcome to Grace’s-”
“I want a cup of coffee and nothing else.” The blonde said abruptly.
“Ok. But we have freshly baked croissants and chocolate chip cookies we are especially proud of.”
Kathleen looked at the little girl and replied slowly as if she were talking to a moron, “I’m not interested in anything other than a cup of coffee.”
“Fine.” Gabrielle said, smiling pleasantly and turned away, wondering why a lady dressed so beautifully would have such bad manners.
Just then, Sharon walked and breathed in deeply, smiling. She loved the aroma in Grace’s Corner. Then she noticed Kathleen scrolling through her iPhone.
“Hi, Sharon.” Kathleen smiled widely and they air-kissed. “I’ve really missed you.”
“I’ve missed you, too. You are looking really beautiful.”
“You are not looking bad yourself. Although there is some hint of annoyance I detect in your eyes.”
Sharon frowned, “It’s none other than my precious dad and brother.”
“As always.”
Gabrielle came with the coffee and smiled at Sharon, “Good afternoon, Miss Charlwood.”
“Hi Gabrielle. Give me some of your chocolate chip cookies and please call me Sharon.”
Now this is a lady with class, Gabrielle thought smiling.
“You should try them, Kathleen. They are the best I’ve ever tasted.”
“Perhaps you haven’t been to enough places.” Kathleen replied, “Besides, you know I’m allergic to chocolate.”
“Since when?”
“Since I have to maintain my perfect figure.”
Gabrielle looked at the woman she was really beginning to dislike by the second. She turned her attention back to Sharon. “What would you like with it?”
“Coffee, the way I like it.”
“Sure.” Gabrielle replied smiling and walked away.
“You know she was Peaceville’s Most Beautiful two years ago.”
Kathleen looked at Gabrielle briefly. “She looks familiar.”
“She’s Soledad’s daughter.”
“Oh.” Kathleen now understood why she didn’t like the little chit the moment she saw her. She had never liked Soledad Sanchez. “How many kids does she have by the way?”
“No. Soledad.”
“Three. The youngest won Hunk of The Year. I’ve never met the oldest though. Heard he’s a cop.”
“Typical.” Kathleen said with a hint of disdain.
“Ignore me, Sharon.” Kathleen said, “You know I don’t like Soledad and she doesn’t like me.”
“Well, if you want to get into Justin’s heart, you had better find a way to make her like you.”
“Am I that obvious I want Justin back?”
Sharon smiled, “Sweetheart, you were too obvious.”
Kathleen shrugged, “Well, I can’t help it. I really like Justin.”
“Then why did you guys break up? You never told me you know.”
Kathleen looked at Sharon, surprised. “He didn’t tell you?”
“I never asked.” Sharon said, and smiled at Gabrielle, refusing to acknowledge that Justin had in fact told her why. And that she had agreed with his decision. “Hmm, I’ve gained just 5 pounds inhaling.”
Gabrielle laughed. “Enjoy your meal.”
“I sure will.”